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16 Year Old Georgia Teen Dies After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana

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This morning is a somber one, as we read of the death of another teen.  Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends.  We know what you are going through.  We have been there too.

There are probably a lot more teens that are dying because of synthetic marijuana than we know because, at this point, most of the coroners are not checking for it–and even if they were checking, they have to know EXACTLY what they are looking for.

In this case, concerned teens let the authorities know what happened to Chase Burnett.  Hopefully his family has samples of the synthetic marijuana he smoked, or his friends know what brand-name he used.  Without this information, the autopsy will probably show no traces of drugs that the coroner would test for.  The product needs to be tested first, then the chemicals in that product must be tested against his blood. Continue reading

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What’s Your Excuse Today, Rand?

The only thing that is clear about Senator Rand Paul’s interference with HB1254, a bill to outlaw synthetic marijuana, is that innocent people continue to suffer and drug dealers continue to make a lot of money.

The outbreak of kidney failure in Casper, Wyoming is not Rand Paul’s concern.  After all, he would argue,  these kidney failures and hospitalizations was the fault of those who took the drug.  Never mind that most of them were teens, none of them were warned by packaging or regulation, and they all bought the stuff over the counter.

The fact that thousands of young military personnel with promising futures have been dismissed from the service is not his concern either.  Nor is the issue that these men may be using high-powered weapons under the psychotic affects of synthetic drugs.  No, Rand Paul is worried about the poor drug dealers, instead.

So far, Rand Paul has said that banning synthetic marijuana will lead to making everyone radical Islamists, and it would be unfair to the drug dealers! What he will say today? Continue reading

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Senator Rand Paul States He Blocked Bill To Protect Against Proliferation of Radical Islam

It is almost beyond belief, but Rand Paul has actually said that his blocking of HB 1254, The Synthetic Drug Act of 2011, was to protect innocent young Americans from becoming radical followers of Islam, according to the

Rand Paul wrote, in a letter obtained by the BG Daily News, “In addition, there has been much discussion in the Senate regarding combatting radical Islam. Notably, Islam is currently the fastest-growing religion among prisoners in the United States. Sending people – often young people – who may already come from broken homes and difficult family situations into a brutal prison environment is potentially a breeding ground for radicalization.”

It seems that Senator Rand Paul is running out of excuses for holding up the bill.  He has also mentioned that he does not want to interfere with possible research into medical uses of Synthetic Marijuana.  However, HB 1254 does not block any legitimate medical research.  According to Senator Grassley:

Many of the opponents of this legislation stated on the House floor that by scheduling these compounds, we are preventing scientific research. That is far from true. Any scheduled substance, even current schedule I drugs like cocaine and heroin, can be researched. Any scientist can apply to be registered by the DEA to research any drug. Just because we are removing the drugs from the store shelves does not mean we can’t study them.

As Rand Paul’s excuses fail him, it is clear that Senator Rand Paul may  be blocking the bill because he prefers protect the rights of drug dealers to sell poison to our children.

It seems it was no coincidence that Senator Rand Paul turned his back on a distraught mother, Amy Stillwell, who lives in Rand Paul’s hometown.

It is clear that Rand Paul’s allegiance, like Rand Paul’s campaign funding, is outside his home state of Kentucky.  If I were one of his constituents, I would begin to ask the question, “Who EXACTLY is Rand Paul representing?”

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We’ve talked to Senator Glassely’s office today. They had a meeting with Sen. Rand Paul and he is not budging on HR 1254.

Rand Paul won’t support saving the lives of children.

So, our supporters in the Senate are taking another approach.  They will introduce the bill as an amendment to another bill.

They are trying to get a block of time to address the senate tomorrow afternoon at 1:30p.m. If not, then they are going to try to get time on the floor as quickly as possible to present their case to put this bill through.

Please call:

Senator Harry Reid 202-224-3542

Senator Mitch McConnell 202-224-2541

Ask them to do everything in their power to support HR 1254, The Synthetic Drug Act of 2011.

Call your senator and ask for support for HR 1254!

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Call Senator Ron Paul’s Office Today, and Every Day!

Sen. Rand Paul has blocked HB 1254.

Please call him every day and tell him we need him to stop blocking that bill!

  • Sen. Rand Paul’s office:  (202) 224-4343 When you call, urge his staff to urge him to uphold the Unanimous Consent Agreement on HR 1254.


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HR 1254, The Synthetic Drug Act of 2011, passed the U. S. House of Representatives on December 8, 2011.  The bill has been referred to the Committee on the Judiciary in the Senate.

We are asking everyone to call:

  • Sen. Rand Paul’s office:  (202) 224-4343 When you call, urge his staff to urge him to uphold the Unanimous Consent Agreement on HR 1254.
  • Sen. Patrick Leahy’s office: (202) 224-4242 Ask him to allow HR 1254 to bypass the Committee of the Judiciary and let it go straight to a full senate vote.
  • Sen. Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader’s office: (202) 224-3542 Ask him to do everything in his power to bring HR 1254 up for a full vote in the U.S. Senate as quickly as possible.

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Karen Dobner Reports Back on Emergency Summit

Thank you for being patient while waiting to hear about our trip to the Illinois Emergency Summit on Synthetic Drugs.

After 12 hours sleep, I’m back to work and ready to get to our “Foundation for the Foundation.”

Foundation for the Foundation

We are planning on keeping our activities to a minimum as we focus on a business plan and set a foundation for our foundation.

As part of that effort we have contacted an organization called SCORE to help us make an organized plan for the future, including an educational program, media package, and Public Service Announcement.

The Summit

The Summit was a great meeting of the minds in an effort to formulate a coordinated response to fight back against these dangerous drugs.  I spoke at length about the dangers of synthetic marijuana and how we may address these issues regarding “fake pot” within education and law enforcement to an audience made up of medical professionals, law enforcement, legislators, and the concerned public.

We heard from Scott Albrecht, DEA Special Agent, who was a treasure trove of information on the issue.

He spoke to the DEA’s response to synthetic drugs, enforcement and regulatory challenges.  He gave us a break down on the current situation and how fast it is growing.

Some of the new information he gave us:  there are 400-500 minimum chemicals used in synthetic marijuana.  This is the challenge.

There has never been a drug like synthetic marijuana before.  Of the 400+ chemicals used to produce fake pot, there are only tests for 14 by blood and 5 by urine.  This makes it very difficult to enforce the laws designed to ban these products.

DEA had enforced an emergency ban in March, but they don’t even see 2 of the 5 chemicals they banned.

Some of those who produce these drugs are actually suing each other for trademark infringement.

The chemicals used to produce synthetic marijuana are produced in China and occasionally shipped to a second country, then into the U.S.

My thoughts:  Maybe we need to start addressing this issue at it’s source…China.  There are no other uses for synthetic canabinoids and cathinones other than for the purpose of making these drugs.

Tom McNamara, Commander of the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group, spoke about their successful efforts to fight the meth problem and how it may relate to the synthetic drug issue. They were very successful in getting Meth out of Southern Illinois.  They have a lot of experience in that.

The Synthetic Marijuana problem is similar because, like Meth, synthetic marijuana is a “do it yourself” drug.

The drug dealers are buying the chemicals from China, and they use acetone to “cut” the chemicals.  Then they spray the chemicals onto Damiana leaves, mallow leaves, or other herbs, and “manufacture” the drug in their garages.

Dr. Michael Wahl, Medical Director, Illinois Poison Control, spoke with enthusiasm about the chemical structures of the various analogs.

The doctor gave us the scientific breakdown of the chemicals used to make these “designer drugs.”  We learned new things about the effects of  these drugs.

In particular, we learned about the dopamine causes paranoia in high doses.  We also learned about the bodies inability to control temperature when under the influence of some of these chemicals.  Temperatures can increase to ranges of 107 and above, causing death and/or brain damage.

Joe Bruscato, Winnebego County States’ Attorney, spoke about how they conducted the recent busts in Rockford.  

He spearheaded a recent sting operation against Rockford (Winnebago County) gas stations and convenience stores.  He spoke about what law enforcement can do.

He recommended they send letters that their liquor licenses may be in jeopardy.  In the most recent sting, they got lucky because the drug dealers were selling a product that was recently outlawed in Illinois, and they were charged for selling a schedule I substance.

Overall, Sandy McKinney, Vice President of TO THE MAXIMUS foundation, and I were able to make some valuable connections and gained some new insight into the synthetic drug industry and the challenges facing law enforcement.

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