Attention Hollywood: Mom could use your help fighting fake pot

By Denise Crosby
It’s not like Karen Dobner wants to go Hollywood. But she’d really like to get in touch with Demi Moore’s people. You know the folks I mean: Her agent. Her publicist. Her manager.

Dobner has already reached out to all three. And she’d do the same to the troubled actress’ hairdresser if it would get a message to Moore — who made national headlines last week when she was rushed to the hospital after suffering seizures in her Hollywood home.

Karen Dobner holds a photo of her son, Max. Jeff Cagle / For Sun-Times Media

The reason for those convulsions is what has Dobner interested — and concerned.

According to the 911 tape released after the incident, the 49-year-old Moore used something frightfully similar to what Dobner’s 19-year-old son Max smoked in June before killing himself by driving 100 mph down Mooseheart Road and crashing into a North Aurora home.

You probably know Max’s tragic story well because Dobner’s made it a point of putting it out there ever since toxicology reports confirmed her son had synthetic drugs in his system known for causing hallucinations, paranoia, respiratory problems and convulsions.

Even before those lab reports were back, Dobner was on “The Today Show” talking about his death, and how this so-called fake pot was being sold legally as incense or potpourri in cigarette shops and gas stations all across the country. Continue reading

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