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What’s Your Excuse Today, Rand?

The only thing that is clear about Senator Rand Paul’s interference with HB1254, a bill to outlaw synthetic marijuana, is that innocent people continue to suffer and drug dealers continue to make a lot of money.

The outbreak of kidney failure in Casper, Wyoming is not Rand Paul’s concern.  After all, he would argue,  these kidney failures and hospitalizations was the fault of those who took the drug.  Never mind that most of them were teens, none of them were warned by packaging or regulation, and they all bought the stuff over the counter.

The fact that thousands of young military personnel with promising futures have been dismissed from the service is not his concern either.  Nor is the issue that these men may be using high-powered weapons under the psychotic affects of synthetic drugs.  No, Rand Paul is worried about the poor drug dealers, instead.

So far, Rand Paul has said that banning synthetic marijuana will lead to making everyone radical Islamists, and it would be unfair to the drug dealers! What he will say today? Continue reading

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