Senator Rand Paul States He Blocked Bill To Protect Against Proliferation of Radical Islam

It is almost beyond belief, but Rand Paul has actually said that his blocking of HB 1254, The Synthetic Drug Act of 2011, was to protect innocent young Americans from becoming radical followers of Islam, according to the

Rand Paul wrote, in a letter obtained by the BG Daily News, “In addition, there has been much discussion in the Senate regarding combatting radical Islam. Notably, Islam is currently the fastest-growing religion among prisoners in the United States. Sending people – often young people – who may already come from broken homes and difficult family situations into a brutal prison environment is potentially a breeding ground for radicalization.”

It seems that Senator Rand Paul is running out of excuses for holding up the bill.  He has also mentioned that he does not want to interfere with possible research into medical uses of Synthetic Marijuana.  However, HB 1254 does not block any legitimate medical research.  According to Senator Grassley:

Many of the opponents of this legislation stated on the House floor that by scheduling these compounds, we are preventing scientific research. That is far from true. Any scheduled substance, even current schedule I drugs like cocaine and heroin, can be researched. Any scientist can apply to be registered by the DEA to research any drug. Just because we are removing the drugs from the store shelves does not mean we can’t study them.

As Rand Paul’s excuses fail him, it is clear that Senator Rand Paul may  be blocking the bill because he prefers protect the rights of drug dealers to sell poison to our children.

It seems it was no coincidence that Senator Rand Paul turned his back on a distraught mother, Amy Stillwell, who lives in Rand Paul’s hometown.

It is clear that Rand Paul’s allegiance, like Rand Paul’s campaign funding, is outside his home state of Kentucky.  If I were one of his constituents, I would begin to ask the question, “Who EXACTLY is Rand Paul representing?”

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