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NY Health Commissioner Bans Synthetic Marijuana

Congratulations to NY Health Commissioner Nirav Shah for banning synthetic marijuana in the state of New York. This is the order he issued.

This is an action that should help protect the health of all New Yorkers–users and non-users alike.

This drug is not only dangerous to those who smoke it, it is also dangerous to innocent bystanders, first responders, and health professionals.

The combination of psychosis, agitation, and the temporary inability to feel pain are a recipe for danger.

Now, we call for the citizens of NY to keep an eye out for stores who are ignoring this ban.

We must work together to protect our communities from this dangerous substance.


NY bans sale of synthetic marijuana; cites health

Associated Press

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York state has banned the sale of “synthetic marijuana” that’s sold in convenience stores, smoke shops, and tobacco stores under brand names including “Spice”, “K2” and “Mr. Nice Guy.”

The products produces a high when smoked and have been linked to severe adverse reactions including death and acute renal failure. In announcing the ban, Health Commissioner Nirav Shah said they also commonly cause increased heart rates, paranoid behavior, agitation, and nausea, among other symptoms.

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Rand Paul Blocks Bill, Turns His Back on Concerned Mother from His Own Hometown

Sen. Paul Continues to Protect Those Who Sell Poison To Our Kids in Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, and Head Shops.  Ignores Dangers.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is trying to block legislation aimed at banning synthetic drugs, citing his preference for state and local authorities to tackle a problem that the White House drug czar said Thursday is becoming a growing threat to the nation’s youth.

Various measures would ban synthetic drugs liked “bath salts” and other compounds that mimic marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines. One version has passed the House, and White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske urged the Senate to follow suit.

Kerlikowske made his latest pitch Thursday in a conference call that also featured a woman from Paul’s hometown. Amy Stillwell of Bowling Green, Ky., spoke of her family’s scare last year after her daughter tried synthetic marijuana and wound up in the hospital.

“We simply cannot afford to wait when it comes to the health and safety of young people,” Kerlikowske said. Continue reading

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We’ve talked to Senator Glassely’s office today. They had a meeting with Sen. Rand Paul and he is not budging on HR 1254.

Rand Paul won’t support saving the lives of children.

So, our supporters in the Senate are taking another approach.  They will introduce the bill as an amendment to another bill.

They are trying to get a block of time to address the senate tomorrow afternoon at 1:30p.m. If not, then they are going to try to get time on the floor as quickly as possible to present their case to put this bill through.

Please call:

Senator Harry Reid 202-224-3542

Senator Mitch McConnell 202-224-2541

Ask them to do everything in their power to support HR 1254, The Synthetic Drug Act of 2011.

Call your senator and ask for support for HR 1254!

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Attention Hollywood: Mom could use your help fighting fake pot

By Denise Crosby
It’s not like Karen Dobner wants to go Hollywood. But she’d really like to get in touch with Demi Moore’s people. You know the folks I mean: Her agent. Her publicist. Her manager.

Dobner has already reached out to all three. And she’d do the same to the troubled actress’ hairdresser if it would get a message to Moore — who made national headlines last week when she was rushed to the hospital after suffering seizures in her Hollywood home.

Karen Dobner holds a photo of her son, Max. Jeff Cagle / For Sun-Times Media

The reason for those convulsions is what has Dobner interested — and concerned.

According to the 911 tape released after the incident, the 49-year-old Moore used something frightfully similar to what Dobner’s 19-year-old son Max smoked in June before killing himself by driving 100 mph down Mooseheart Road and crashing into a North Aurora home.

You probably know Max’s tragic story well because Dobner’s made it a point of putting it out there ever since toxicology reports confirmed her son had synthetic drugs in his system known for causing hallucinations, paranoia, respiratory problems and convulsions.

Even before those lab reports were back, Dobner was on “The Today Show” talking about his death, and how this so-called fake pot was being sold legally as incense or potpourri in cigarette shops and gas stations all across the country. Continue reading

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The Horror No Parent Should Face

On June 14, 2011 I got the call that all mothers fear. It was a beautiful day and I was at my friend’s house when my cell phone rang. A police officer told me that Max had a car accident and he had died. My whole world changed in that moment.

Nothing about my life is the same. There’s nothing that could be worse. But, I remember the police officer, who was at my home looking for me, telling me that all of my doors at the house were open and the animals were out.

Max was extremely responsible and conscientious, and I told him that something must have happened. But all I cared about was that my Max was gone.

My friend drove me to the hospital. The officer was in the ER, outside of Max’s ER room. He told me that Max had driven 100 miles an hour into a house. In the moment, I knew that my instincts were right, something had happened. Max would never drive 100 miles and hour and fly 80 feet through the air into someone’s home.

When I went into the ER room, I saw my lifeless son. He still had a breathing tube. They said they couldn’t remove it yet, for some reason. It didn’t feel like it was Max. He was already far gone.

I didn’t feel his spirit.It wasn’t him. All the beauty was gone. I didn’t want to touch him because he was already hard. It wasn’t Max. I didn’t want to look at him because it was too painful. Family and friends arrived at the hospital. I was in shock, but I remember everything. Continue reading

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