16 Year Old Georgia Teen Dies After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana

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This morning is a somber one, as we read of the death of another teen.  Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends.  We know what you are going through.  We have been there too.

There are probably a lot more teens that are dying because of synthetic marijuana than we know because, at this point, most of the coroners are not checking for it–and even if they were checking, they have to know EXACTLY what they are looking for.

In this case, concerned teens let the authorities know what happened to Chase Burnett.  Hopefully his family has samples of the synthetic marijuana he smoked, or his friends know what brand-name he used.  Without this information, the autopsy will probably show no traces of drugs that the coroner would test for.  The product needs to be tested first, then the chemicals in that product must be tested against his blood.

Synthetic marijuana varies so greatly in its chemical make-up, that ingredients may be different between packages marked with the same brand-name, and those packages may be completely different drug combinations than those of other companies.

In an effort to keep selling this poison to our children, synthetic marijuana packagers are constantly changing chemicals, there is no control over how much chemical was haphazardly sprayed on the leaves that are the in package, and no one cares how dangerous–and how life threatening–these chemicals can be.

The packagers don’t care because they got a lot of $$ for their product; and the stores don’t care because they think some labeling tricks like “not for human consumption” will be the loophole to avoid legal troubles.

The kids are victims.  They assume what they are smoking is legal and safe because they bought it at a store.  They are assured by all the advertising hype by these poison manufacturers that its just “herbs.”

It’s not herbs.  Its serious and dangerous chemicals sprayed on leaves.

Our prayers go out to this family and every family who has been impacted by this horrible scourge.  We need to work together to arrest and convict those who manufacture, distribute, and sell these products.  We need to sue those who manufacture, distribute, and sell these products.  We need to work with municipal, state, and federal lawmakers to find a solution to the legal games these companies play.

Never underestimate the power and influence of one angry parent, friend, or community member.

Together we can do this.


Family Says Teen Dies After Taking Synthetic Marijuana

Updated: Tuesday, 06 Mar 2012, 5:21 PM EST
Published : Tuesday, 06 Mar 2012, 5:18 PM EST

By DEIDRA DUKES/myfoxatlanta

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. – A grieving Fayette County father is issuing a warning to other teens after he says his son died from taking synthetic marijuana.

The parents of 16-year-old Chase Burnett say his life was cut short this weekend when he drowned at his home.

“Chase was a great kid. He was a phenomenal son…He had a zest for life,” said David Burnett, Chase’s father.

David Burnett says his son died after experimenting with synthetic marijuana also known as “Spice” — a drug he says the teen apparently purchased at a local convenience store.

“My son made a mistake… nobody made him do it. He made a mistake and unfortunately he is paying the ultimate price.”

Burnett discovered the 16-year-old unresponsive in the family hot tub at the home on Diamond Point early Sunday morning. Chase’s family says he had apparently drowned after smoking the synthetic marijuana.

Chase was born and raised in Fayette County. He was an honors student at McIntosh High School and a member of First Baptist Church in Peachtree City. Family friend Niles Blount says he was a good kid who, like so many teens, didn’t realize the danger.

“He made one bad decision and that one bad decision cost him his life and he would want people to know he’s with Christ. He would want kids to know that this synthetic marijuana, this Spice is a killer,” said Blount.

Heartbroken over the death of their child, the Burnetts say their strong Christian faith and the loving support of family and friends are of great comfort during this difficult time.They said they are speaking out about their painful loss in hopes of saving someone else’s child.

“If we can reach out to the community and the rest of the city, state, country that something’s got to be done with synthetic marijuana, then his life would not have been in vain,” said David Burnett.

Visitation is being held on Thursday at Carl Mowell and Son in Peachtree City. The funeral service will be held Friday at Peachtree City First Baptist Church.

Parents have reached out to their son’s friends to warn them of the drug’s danger. They say they’ll work to outlaw the sale of such drugs.

Lawmakers who have tried to ban various forms of synthetic marijuana have found that manufacturers have found loopholes in the law.

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5 thoughts on “16 Year Old Georgia Teen Dies After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana

  1. my beautiful son kelvin died on feb. 20, 2012 i think from smoking spice (waiting for toxicology resjlts). it saddens me to know how readily available this killer “weed” is! when i say i know how a parent feels, i really do! my duty is to continually remind our young folks of the dangers and remind legislators that our children are NOT nameless statistics!!!

  2. i will need to know what i need to do to help in this fight to outlaw “spice”

  3. Unknown

    I am a teen like everyone else. Most of us do understand what the dangers are. The synthetic weed doesn’t show up on drug tests, so people like it better.

    –Who made this synthetic weed is trying to show that they need to legalize marijuana. He is proving that unnatural things are harmful and they need to legalize weed or kids will die because of it, because they want to smoke marijuana, but go to harmful things since it is not legal.

  4. Wow! This all has been horrible to endure. Before the media triggers your inner emotions and gets you all rowwed up, ponder this first with an open mind; in order to be educated on this subject before giving a full assessment of your own. The young men and women who are currently residing in America really have no clue about this world to which they have born. Its evident and relevant that the new generation of Americans ranging in ages of 15-25, have an agenda that is very similar to any previous generation prior to. They are seeking out euphoria. Here is the problem…….No Regulation! DRUG Dealers are targeting kids to purchase the product like they have always done.

  5. This can be fixed. It begins with all of you parents. Get in your kids life. Now! Keep them away from these things even it means grounding and punnishing them until they are 80. Stop letting your kids grow up so quickly. They cant make sound choices on their own while bonding with their friends. Dont allow your child to murder themselves by not having a real and honest, but equal conversation about the life they live, see, expect, dislike, loath, love, respect and so on guys! Help these kids with their choices. Become stern only when you know your child to be unruly. God Bless everyone.

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