Bodegas in Queens, NY Join Together To Ban Fake Weed

This is the kind of story we love to see!

Bodegas in Queens are joining together to sign a pledge to keep synthetic marijuana off their shelves.  They are recognizing the dangers these drugs pose to our children and to our communities.

We applaud the efforts of City Councilman Ruben Wills’ (D-Jamaica), and the Bodega owners, like Basheer Ahmed, who are taking personal responsibility for preventing the spread of this dangerous drug.

It is with individual acts of responsibility and community pride, working hand-in-hand with lawmakers and law enforcement personnel,  that we can win this battle against the dealers of synthetic marijuana.


Dangerous fake pot should be banned: Wills

At a number of bodegas in southeast Queens, customers can legally purchase a product that produces a marijuana-like high, but while the weed may be fake, the dangerous side effects are real.

(Photo by Rich Bockmann) Bodega manager Basheer Ahmed signs Ruben Wills' pledge against selling synthetic marijuana.

Basheer Ahmed, manager of the Bashir Famous Deli in Rochdale, Friday became the first to sign City Councilman Ruben Wills’ (D-Jamaica) pledge to ban from his store’s shelves synthetic marijuana, a product ostensibly sold as an herbal incense, but one critics say teens and young adults are smoking to get high.

“This is a problem that’s become increasingly more pervasive in our community,” said Wills, who stood outside the shop on the corner of Guy R. Brewer Boulevard and 140th Avenue, along with fellow Councilman James Sanders (D-Jamaica) and state Assemblywoman Vivian Cook (D-Jamaica) to announce their plan to rid their neighborhoods of the products.

Sold under names such as “Spice,” “K2,” “Blaze” and “Red X Dawn,” these products consist of plant material that has been coated with chemicals that mimic THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

Addiction expert Herman Lozada said the chemicals were originally made in labs to do research on animals and can produce side effects in humans such as hallucinations, heart palpitations, paranoia and aggression. Continue reading

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New Jersey Announces Temporary Ban with Teeth

Well, New Jersey came a little late to this, but New Jersey’s new ban should help get this poison off the shelves in the Garden State.  We will be happy to see a permanent law soon.
Unfortunately, this press release shows a lack of information on the subject of synthetic marijuana.  It reads, “The drug contains a combination of herbs and plant materials that are covered with chemicals that imitate the effects marijuana has on the brain.”
If only this were true.  Synthetic marijuana is MUCH more dangerous than marijuana, and because it is completely unregulated and is not a natural product in any way, we have no idea what is being sprayed on these leaves, or the health effects of those chemicals on those who smoke synthetic marijuana.
It seems that every batch is different; every brand is different; and–in order to stay ahead of the law– the recipes, concocted by “garage chemists,” are constantly changing.
So far we have seen heart attacks, kidney failure, psychosis, suicide, violent behavior, and death.  This is not a drug anyone should take, and certainly not a drug that should be sold over the counter in a gas station as if it were a candy bar.  This is a seriously dangerous drug.
We applaud New Jersey, and look forward to seeing their new law take effect in the next legislative session. Continue reading
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Large Synthetic Pot Sting in NE Pennsylvania

This was no small raid!  Over 70 police officers took part in this take-down of synthetic drug dealers.

We are so proud of the officers for their diligence, for the lawmakers of Pennsylvania who made this possible, for the District Attorney in Lackawanna County for the zeal to prosecute, and to the citizens who complained and reported the presence of synthetic drug dealers operating in their community.

There is no estimate of the amount the seizure was worth, but the police confiscated box after box after box of the poison along with guns and bundles of cash.

The best quote of the story comes from Lackawanna County Deputy District Attorney, Robert Klein, who said:

“If anyone out there in Lackawanna County is still selling these products after they see this, let them be on notice. Synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic drugs are illegal in Pennsylvania and they’re not going to be tolerated in Lackawanna County. We will find you, and we will prosecute you.”


Think of how many young lives might have been saved by this one raid.  A brilliant job!   Continue reading

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Air Force To Expand Testing for Synthetic Marijuana


Can you believe that Synthetic Marijuana use accounted for ONE THIRD of all drug-related court-martials in the US Air Force!  That is a HUGE amount.

It is really sad what a great toll this poison is taking on our armed forces–it is costing careers, lives, and families.

We applaud the USAF for taking synthetic drugs so seriously, and we hope that these young warriors are getting the help that they need.


Air Force Expands Tests For Synthetic Pot

By Tom Shoop

If you’re in the Air Force, and you ‘re into “Spice,” the synthetic substance that is said to mimic the effects of marijuana, you might want to rethink your usage. The service is expanding its efforts to  test whether airmen partake of the illicit chemical, according to Air Force Public Affairs.

Spice is both a generic label and a brand name for a substance that is similar in chemical makeup and function to THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. The Air Force expressly prohibits its use, along with other designer synthetic drugs — and, indeed, all intoxicating substances other than tobacco and alcohol.

“While the Spice chemicals may mimic the effects of marijuana and have been termed a ‘legal’ high, a number of these chemicals have been banned by countries around the world, by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, and by at least 40 states here in the U.S.,” said Maj. Seth Deam, special counsel in the Air Force’s Office of the Judge Advocate General.

The Air Force is conducting urinalysis tests of airmen for Spice through a civilian laboratory and plans to field an internal testing operation by the middle of this month. The service had 108 Spice-related courts-martial cases last year — nearly a third of all of its drug-related courts-martials.

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16 Year Old Georgia Teen Dies After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana

Click for video.

This morning is a somber one, as we read of the death of another teen.  Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends.  We know what you are going through.  We have been there too.

There are probably a lot more teens that are dying because of synthetic marijuana than we know because, at this point, most of the coroners are not checking for it–and even if they were checking, they have to know EXACTLY what they are looking for.

In this case, concerned teens let the authorities know what happened to Chase Burnett.  Hopefully his family has samples of the synthetic marijuana he smoked, or his friends know what brand-name he used.  Without this information, the autopsy will probably show no traces of drugs that the coroner would test for.  The product needs to be tested first, then the chemicals in that product must be tested against his blood. Continue reading

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What’s Your Excuse Today, Rand?

The only thing that is clear about Senator Rand Paul’s interference with HB1254, a bill to outlaw synthetic marijuana, is that innocent people continue to suffer and drug dealers continue to make a lot of money.

The outbreak of kidney failure in Casper, Wyoming is not Rand Paul’s concern.  After all, he would argue,  these kidney failures and hospitalizations was the fault of those who took the drug.  Never mind that most of them were teens, none of them were warned by packaging or regulation, and they all bought the stuff over the counter.

The fact that thousands of young military personnel with promising futures have been dismissed from the service is not his concern either.  Nor is the issue that these men may be using high-powered weapons under the psychotic affects of synthetic drugs.  No, Rand Paul is worried about the poor drug dealers, instead.

So far, Rand Paul has said that banning synthetic marijuana will lead to making everyone radical Islamists, and it would be unfair to the drug dealers! What he will say today? Continue reading

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Navy Announces New Policies: Tests for Alcohol, Drugs, Synthetics

Please click for link to video

Today’s military is not like yesterday’s military.

In the past, Sailors and Marines might have had days or weeks of notice before being posted to a battle in a conventional war.

Today, a navy ship can be attacked by high-speed suicide boats, Marine’s may be called upon in a moment’s notice to respond to a terrorist attack, and an aircraft carrier might suddenly find themselves the target of pirates.

Our military has to be ready to go 24/7, and in response to that need for constant readiness, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus told some 700 sailors and Marines gathered on the hangar deck of the amphibious assault ship that the navy will start testing for Alcohol, Drugs, and Synthetics.

Of course, synthetics are very difficult to test for–but the US Military is confident they can find a way to do it.


Wellness initiative to test for alcohol, drugs

By William H. McMichael - Staff writer
Posted : Monday Mar 5, 2012 18:46:31 EST

NAVAL STATION NORFOLK — The Navy and Marine Corps today introduced a wide-ranging wellness initiative with programs ranging from duty section Breathalyzer tests for alcohol use and reliable synthetic marijuana testing to enhanced anti-sexual assault training, greater emphasis on fitness and nutrition, increased on-base prices of tobacco products and the ability to temporarily leave the service, without penalty, to raise children. Continue reading

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Was Representative Gabrielle Giffords Shot Because of Synthetic Marijuana?

How did we miss this?

The truth is that almost nothing has been written on this subject, but we have been quietly and sadly anticipating these stories.

We are also wondering if a lot of the sudden heart attacks in young athletes might also be related to synthetic marijuana use because, subjected to random drug tests, these young athletes might be using synthetics–and paying the price.

We are hoping that the news media, medical examiners, and the families of victims will be willing to step forward and talk about the possibility that synthetic marijuana might be at the core of many of these problems.  If we are willing to share, we will save lives.

Everyone needs to be aware:  THIS IS NOT MARIJUANA!  THIS IS DEADLY!


To The Maximus


Is there a new street drug that triggers homicidal rages?

Update: July 17, 2011

The Sunday New York Times has a feature article on these new synthetic drugs.

February 14, 2011

Within the last 30-days, three high-profile mass murders have been associated with illicit drug use. First, Rep. Giffords was shot, and six others killed, by a mentally ill young man, Jared Lee Loughner, known to use marijuana and the new “synthetic pot”. By many accounts, he began a downward spiral into insanity.

The next case involved a drug-addicted mother in Tampa, Julie Powers Schenecker, who shot her teenage daughter and son because they were “mouthy”. Video of the woman being walked in handcuffs showed her shaking uncontrollably, possibly in withdrawal. The family had unsuccessfully attempted to get help with her drug addiction. Her preferred drug of choice has not been reported.

Now, in New York City, a crazed 23-year-old man, Maksim Gelman, stabbed his father and a young woman, killing them both, while also nonfatally stabbing several others over the course of a day-long rampage. The New York Post reported that he had built a bizarre shrineto the woman under a freight train overpass tunnel where he also went to use illicit street drugs.

What is going on? All of these cases could have occurred by complete coincidence, unrelated, and might not represent any new trend. Alternatively, a new street drug, or combination of prescription and street drugs, might be triggering homicidal rampages. Continue reading

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“Blueberry Spice” Synthetic Marijuana Leads to Outbreak of Kidney Failure in Wyoming

“Based on our information from the doctors, the three people with kidney failure are in pretty serious shape; they’re very sick.”

By Laura Zuckerman


Three young people have been hospitalized with kidney failure and a dozen others sickened in Casper, Wyoming, in an outbreak linked to a batch of the designer drug Spice, authorities said on Friday.

State medical officials said the cause of the outbreak was under investigation but reported that Casper residents who have sought medical treatment for vomiting and back pain had recently smoked or ingested a chemical-laced herbal product packaged as “blueberry spice.”

The illnesses reported by physicians and hospitals in the east central Wyoming city beginning on Sunday had added up to a cluster that alarmed health officials by the end of the week.

“At this point, we are viewing use of this drug as a potentially life-threatening situation,” Tracy Murphy, Wyoming state epidemiologist, said in a statement. Continue reading

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Karen Dobner Interviews with Batavia Access TV

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