Fight Synthetic Weed

Just around the corner from your house, right now, there is a small grocery store, gas station, or tobacco store selling an incredibly dangerous drug as “incense” or “potpourri.”  It is known on the street as “Spice” or “K2.”  Others call it “Fake Weed.”

This is much more dangerous drug than marijuana.

This over-the-counter high has stolen the lives of children, our neighbors, and our friends.

Those smoking this powerful synthetic drug hallucinate, and those hallucinations are powerful enough to destroy their lives.

The aftermath of the accident that claimed Max Dobner's life.

Shortly after using this substance, Max Dobner got into a car, drove at speeds approaching 100 mph, and ultimately barreled thr
ough an intersection, hit a wall, went airborne, and crashed into a house

Woodstock paint store manager Patrick Byrum, 33, told officers he smoked synthetic marijuana before he and a female employee at a Sherwin-Williams location got into a violent confrontation Monday evening.  Police said Byrum pulled a gun on the woman, who also admitted to smoking marijuana, and then attempted to carjack several passing vehicles.

Brandon Rice suffered chemical burns inside his chest when he smoked fake cannabis out of a plastic PEZ candy dispenser. He was 13 when he was forced to undergo a double lung transplant after smoking synthetic marijuana.  He died last Wednesday.

These are only a few lives destroyed by this drug.

Do your part.  If synthetic weed hasn’t been outlawed in your state–make an effort to outlaw it.  Educate those around you about its dangers.  Get involved with the To the Maximus Foundation.  We can eliminate this danger from our neighborhoods.

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4 thoughts on “Fight Synthetic Weed

  1. nm

    I am so very sorry for the loss of your son, MAX. These merchants of DEATH, should be occupied, instead of preoccupied about how to spend all the money they are raking in. They probably lose sleep over how to not be robbed of their hoards of CASH and safely get all their loot to the bank without drawing the attention of thieves. They have no clue and do not care about the effects of the POISON they so easily dispense. I cannot believe that the US government can drag their heels and not just straight out ban all these imports and criminalize sales and use of all of these “not for human consumption” spice, incense, products. Who are they kidding, aromatic, really?? Why then are they under lock and key and so expensive, it aint RENUZIT or GLADE! More like Black Flag. And right next to the bongs (excuse me-hookahs), product placement? Come on people, unite against this KILLER and the VERMIN who are selling this. The addiction is a horrible tragedy, lives are being wasted. Help us all get rid of this PLAGUE! Lobby your local representatives. PLEASE, we all need to pull together. Thank you, and if you are selling this, please stop, reconsider and repent (you know it is WRONG).

  2. Isabel

    Enforcement will be too complicated and too expensive. Being realistic and legalizing real cannabis would be a better solution. It has never killed anyone.

    • We would have to enforce against synthetic marijuana no matter what because it is so dangerous and it has killed so many people. It is important to draw a distinction between real cannabis and synthetic marijuana, as they are NOT the same thing. To The Maximus fights synthetic marijuana.

    • Suzanna

      “it has never killed anyone”…. Oh, Isabel how sadly you are mistaken. Do your research and comment on items you are better equipped to discuss. Marijuana (and alcohol) are usually the gateway drugs that lead to other harder drugs that is the cause of death way too often in young adults. I wish you the best and hope you don’t have to learn the hard way.

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